Enter the Imagination


If I’m not lost in my imagination, I’m fidgeting behind the counter waiting to ask: “Do you have your loyalty card?” You’d think people would have that card out and ready, cause we are always asking that, but they don’t.

Thankfully, here at HHP I don’t have to deal with loyalty cards or those new chip card readers… Over here, it’s all about the imagination as I navigate my path through writing and self-publishing. The road has had it’s bumps, twists and turns but it’s all to make me a better writer so you have better stories to read.

“Yazu’s anger is fueling him.”

Get a Taste of Kronos Space

The #BlogBattle has been useful to add to my creative energy, and to show the realms of Earth’s Kronos Space. Read #BlogBattle W15 Rage – Kronos Space: Vestuv and see a realm not visited in the book. Also, Read blog posts related to Kronos Space for more information on the book.

Anticipating. . .

Kronos Space

KronosSpaceSiteSizeWhat if you could change your past?

While the manipulation of the aura allows for travel to other realms within a Kronos Space, and even the Space Aura has been manipulated to send someone to another Kronos Space, the Time Aura has never been manipulated.

Not until Kole went through the rift.

Now in his past, can Kole rescue members of the Vahalos race before their entire realm and people are ripped out of Earth’s Kronos Space? Can he change the future into one with hope, or will the Cattish’s plan for war succeed in taking out the Vahalos, their biggest enemy?